Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioner Replacement

Just like a heating system, the age and efficiency of your existing air conditioning system is likely old, expensive-to-run technology. Rochester, NY can certainly have it’s warm days! In fact, global warming may even be responsible for the record-breaking heat we’ve seen in 2018! 

When you do the math, typically you will find it costs more money to maintain and repair and older, less efficient air conditioning system than it would be to replace it with a high efficiency unit.

Repairs to an old air conditioning system is very similar to repairing old plumbing.  You fix one thing, and usually another part of the system breaks or starts to leak refrigerant. 

It is common to replace old air conditioning systems.  Other reasons for replacement, aside from taking advantage of higher, more efficient equipment, is because that old system may have non-environmentally friendly refrigerant.  Another reason is because an old system may be leaky or very weak due to too much acid built up inside the lines. This acid causes the refrigerant lines and equipment to deteriorate and fail.   

Comfort Medic 911 Heating & Air Conditioning installs most major brands like Reem, Arcoaire, RUUL, York, American Standard, Air Temp, and Goodman Air Conditioning systems.