Hot Water Boiler Installation

Hot Water Boiler Heating Systems

How A Boiler Heating System Works

A boiler heating system, also known as a “radiant heat system,” heats and circulates hot water through pipes and radiators in your home.  The pipes are installed in the walls or subfloor and connected to radiators in each room.

It’s also not unusual to hear a ticking or creaking noise as the water circulates.  This is just normal thermal expansion as heat transfers through the pipes.

When the water is heated via a fuel source or electrical source, the boiler will circulate hot water through your pipes while the heat from it radiates through them and into the room.  As the heat is transferred from the pipes to the radiators and into the room, the cooler water then returns back to the boiler to be reheated.

The Benefits of a Boiler System

Radiant heating by circulating hot water makes a much better thermal medium than heating air.  Forced hot air does not hold the heat as long and doesn’t feel as comfortable.

Boilers also heat rooms more evenly than forced air heating systems. Since warm air rises to the top of a room and sinks as it cools, forced air heating systems tend to create hot and cold spots during operation. Boilers transport thermal energy between solid objects, keeping all the heat near the floor of the room where it’s needed.

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